My thoughts.
  1. Halo 4

    So, I finished Halo 4, and thought I’d give a quick outburst of what I thought. I’m going to talk about the game as a whole, not anything plot-wise, so no spoilers.

  2. Mark and Recapture

    Update: I have published a library for this on github, so if you find yourself wanting to use decorators this way, just grab recap.

  3. For a while now I have had a triple monitor setup - three 24” monitors at 1920x1200 each. This is perfect for programming and pretty much all other tasks, but unfortunately support has been lacking for triple monitors.

  4. Logic is a big deal to me. As a programmer, logic is essentially the core of everything I do, and as a person, I feel logic is the core driving force for who I am. I define myself on logic.

  5. Everyone is a gamer.

    I imagine plenty of people will come to this post expecting me to talk about casual games (a term that must be said in the same dismissive way one might say KFC while sitting in a five-star restaurant). This isn’t what I’m talking about when I say that everyone is a gamer - sure, Casual games have definitely expanded the number of people that play games, and that’s interesting for a lot of reasons, but plenty of people have pointed that out.