My thoughts.
  1. The Avengers

    So, I went to see the Avengers film - Avengers Assemble (yes, really) here in the UK. Let me just begin by saying it’s a great film. I was hopeful, and fortunately they succeeded in making a film that lives up to the previous films in the continuity.

  2. I posted this up on the Ludum Dare blog as well, but thought it’d go well here too.

  3. Donor Card

    Today I received my donor card. Hopefully something that will go unused, but in the case something happens to me, I get to do something pretty awesome for someone else without any effort on my part. Cool stuff.

  4. Mass Effect 3

    35 hours later, I’m done. I’ve completed my first play-through, and I can honestly say there is no reason not to go out and buy Mass Effect 3 right now. It’s an excellent, excellent game and is worth every penny. The only real reason not to is if you have not played 1 and 2, go do that first, then come back for 3. It’s all about the plot and you need the first two games to get the most out of it.

  5. Something I have noticed as a big trend in Computer Science is the act of telling students to forgo the standard library when trying to solve tasks. I get this - when teaching someone the basics of CompSci, you have to start with basic problems, and, for obvious reasons, most of those have already been solved by the standard library.