My thoughts.
  1. IBM

    Over the Christmas period, I decided to apply for IBM’s Extreme Blue summer internship. This is a really cool scheme where you work for 12 weeks over the summer at IBM Hursley, working on projects at the forefront of technology, and get paid to do it. It’s pretty much a dream role for most CompSci students, especially considering they only offer around 16 roles each year.

  2. Skyrim

    At first, I was unsure as to whether I was going to buy Skyrim - sure, it was really hyped up, loads of advertising - but there have been plenty of games with that kind of release which have ended up being terrible, and I’d never been a huge fan of the earlier elder scrolls games.

  3. The Alternative Vote

    I will be voting in favour of the Alternative Vote system in the upcoming referendum. I wish to use this to explain why I’ll be doing so.

  4. For those that do not know of it, Ren’Py is a Visual Novel Engine, and a great piece of software. Currently there is a game name Katawa Shoujo - this game is being written by a very talented group, and is a great example of what Ren’Py is good for.

  5. I recently discovered an interesting ‘feature’ in all of the major web browsers, allowing you to inject text into the user’s clipboard (during another copy) purely with CSS.