My thoughts.
  1. Gone Home

    Gone Home is one of a new breed of games that doesn’t let the pressure to have ‘game-like’ elements in order to be an interactive experience. Like Dear Esther, Gone Home doesn’t involve much in the way of gameplay, exactly (although more than the aforementioned Dear Esther).

  2. On Evolution

    I am an atheist - and it’s important to me. Not in the way a religion is important to someone religious, but more because it bugs me that atheism isn’t just the norm. It’s weird. I imagine the feeling is similar to how someone would feel if they were to go back to a time where racism or sexism was accepted - it’s just so obviously wrong that it would feel crazy that it was normal behaviour.

  3. Nexus 10

    I recently decided that I will be selling my laptop and moving back to a desktop. My 15” Retina Macbook Pro has served me well for the last 6 months or so - it was perfect for the environment I was in, and I wish that it could have come out when I started University, not so close to me finishing it. This said, with me moving into the world of work, I wanted to move back to a desktop PC. OS X was starting to grate on me a little, and a nice little mini-ITX rig is my future main computer.

  4. Steam Trading Cards

    Steam trading cards are the best thing to happen to the gaming industry in a while.

  5. The Xbox One will require pre-owned games to be ’re-activated’, that is, you will have to pay a fee (split between a retailer, Microsoft and the developer) in order to play games previously owned by someone else.