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Code I have written for a variety of causes.


A generator for word-like strings that follow the 'feel' of a given input language. is a python library and command line application that generates word-like strings randomly given a dictionary of input words, using Markov chains.


A small game for Lundem Dare #21.

Lundum Dare is a challenge to create a game in 48 hours. Unrest is my entry for the 21st Lundum Dare, with the theme 'Escape'.

Keycom Login Script

A script to automatically login with Keycom.

keycom is a script which allows you to automatically log in with Keycom, to stop your internet connection dropping.


A plugin for xChat to display messages on the Logitech G15 keyboard's screen.

G15Highlighter is a python script for the Logitech G15 Keyboard and xChat. It displays any messages that highlights you in xChat on the G15's screen. The script is highly customisable, licenced under the GPL V3 and easy to use.


A tool to extract files from the RPA archive format.

Unrpa is a script to extract files from archives created for the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine.

Old Projects

Projects I stopped working on.


Software to manage data and metadata.

mgmt is an application designed to manage data and metadata - it's a little abstract, but it is designed to help keep track of collections of data (often files), and store information about them, creating an easy way of finding your way around it. It is a pet project designed to help me take care of my collections of music, TV shows, films and anime.


A GUI to manage minecraft servers.

lmag is a GUI that controls multiple remote (and local) minecraft servers.


A program for organising your anime collection.

AnimeCollector was an application for Linux users who wish to organise and sort their anime collection, while updating information on their collection to common sites, and announcing via other software. I have ceased working on this project, instead working on mgmt (see above), although it has been forked.